How to Replace Window Screens

Replacement steps:
①Remove the screen window first, and use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry up the pressure strip of the old screen window.
②Pull up the old window strips.
③Replacing window screens is usually done together with the strips, and a pack of strips can replace many windows.
④The flat-blade screwdriver and the roller tool "Rope Car for Screen Window" are good tools to facilitate the replacement of screen windows.
⑤Align two sides of the new mesh with the inner edge of the window frame, and reserve enough mesh to be fixed by the strips.
⑥Use the special pressing rope car for screen windows to press the whole strip in.
⑦It is more convenient to press in and fix the corner with a flat-blade screwdriver.
⑧When fixing the third and fourth sides, one side must tighten the mesh, while the other side press the strip, and finally cut off the excess strip.
⑨Use a flat-blade screwdriver to press the end into place, along the edge of the window frame, use a utility knife to cut off the excess mesh to complete.

Post time: Jun-29-2022