Aluminum Window screen

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Introduction: Aluminum-magnesium alloy window screens are woven from aluminum alloy wire containing magnesium, also known as “aluminum-magnesium alloy window screening”, “aluminum window screening”. The color of aluminum alloy screens is silver-white, corrosion-resistant and suitable for wet environments. Aluminum alloy screens are coated with epoxy paint and can be coated in green, silver, yellow, blue and other colors, so it is also called “epoxy resin painted window screen.”

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A variety of colors, high temperature 120 does not fade, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, high strength, no rust. Widely used in home decoration, anti-mosquito, building doors and windows.


Wire diameter: 0.18-0.27mm
Specifications: 16x16, 18x16, 17x15, 18x14. It can be customized according to customer requirements.
length;: 20-300meters; width: 0.6-1.5meters
Packaging: Inner wrapped by brown paper or plastic bags, outer one or two rolls per carton.

Item Mesh size Wire diameter Width/roll Length/roll Color
Aluminum window screening







0.18-0.27mm 0.5m-1.52m 20m, 25m, 30m silver


A folding screen is a screen that collects the screen through the folds of the screen (like an accordion).

Open method: mostly manual. Opening direction: vertical or horizontal.

Features of Folding Window Screens/ pleated window screen

1. Wide range of application.
Directly installed on the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, good fire performance, no need for paint coloring.
2. The gauze is non-toxic and tasteless.
3. The gauze is made of glass fiber, which has good flame retardant effect. You can also choose polyester screen, PPT Taiwan mesh screen, beautiful, economical and practical.
4. It has anti-static function, does not stick to dust, and has good ventilation.
5. Good light transmission performance, with a real invisible effect.
6. Anti-aging, long service life and reasonable design.

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