Fiberglass Insect Screen-RoHS 6 ( Fiberglass Invisible screen)

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Materials: 70% fiberglass yarn, 30% outside PVC coated.

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Production Procedure

The fiberglass strands is made of glass balls as raw materials by high temperature melting and drawing. Each fiberglass strands used for the production of window screens consists of hundreds Monofilament composition.
The fiberglass strands is coated with PVC and dozens of other materials, after heating and cooling, woven into mesh, high temperature fixing, inspecting, the fiberglass insect screen will be packed and delivered.

Main Application

It's widely used in construction for the windows and livestock farms to prevent from the insects, etc. It’s fire-proof. Because the mesh connection spot is bonded tightly, It’s not easy to be disformed. It’s an excellent product to prevent mosquito, Insects, etc.


The biggest features of the fiberglass insect screens is fire-proof and invisible . It has other features as below:
1. Delicate and long service life: good weather resistance, Anti-rust and anti-corrosion ,anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-inflammatory, anti-drying, anti-humidity, Fire-proof, anti-moisture, anti-static , anti-UV, High tensile strength and long service life.
2. Wide application range, can be directly installed in the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled.
3. Non-toxic and tasteless.
4. Good ventilation and transmission of light.
5. Undistorted and washable.
We have more than 15 years as manufacturer. With good managing and experienced workers. We produce good quality products. And We provide good after-sale service.


The lines are straight and the holes are square. All the lines are coated smoothly without color difference. The tensile strength is high.

different border .

We produce with or without the borders. Usually the borders line are white, blue, yellow, red. With different bright borders can make your products unique.


The raw materials we are using meet the national standard. That makes the mesh no smell, no color difference, no harmful matters contained and meet the RoHS 6.  The color is more brighter.


1. Width: maximum 300cm Length: maximum 300m
2. Mesh size: 22x22, 20x20, 18x16, 18x14, 16x16, 16x14,14x14, etc.
3. Color: black, grey, white, green, grey-white, ivory, blue, etc.
4. All the specifications are customizable.
We can also produce the other specifications. The below sheet only includes the normal mesh size. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

Mesh size Grams weight Warp yarns/inch Weftyarns/inch Standard width Length/roll Glass content PVC content
22x22 140±5g 22±0.5 22±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
22x20 135±5g 22±0.5 20±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
20x20 130±5g 20±0.5 20±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
18x18 120±5g 18±0.5 18±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
18x16 115±5g 18±0.5 16±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
16x14 100±5g 16±0.5 14±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%
14x14 90±5g 14±0.5 14±0.5 0.4~3m 10~300m 33% 67%

The packaging is also customized. The labels , the cartons, the woven bags all can be printed with your logo and specification. We can help to design your packaing printing too. We have good designer to do this work.

Fast Delivery

Container type 20 feet container 40 feet container 40 feet high container
Packaging: Woven bag Carton Woven bag Carton Woven bag Carton
Loading Quantity/square meter 90000 70000 180000 140000 220000 175000
Rough Lead time 40 days 40 days 50 days 50 days 50 days 50 days

If it’s an LCL order, the lead time is usually 15-20 days.

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