PVC- coated Fiberglass yarn

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Introduction: The PVC-coated fiberglass yarn is used to weave the fiberglass window screen. Our product is with smooth surface, good color, same diameter, stable quality. All this features can assure the final fiberglass insect screen is in high quality.

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Color: black, grey, white, green, blue, ivory, etc.
Packing: 8-10 rolls per carton.

Color Gram weight/100mters Tensile strength/N Diameter/mm
black, gray, white, green, blue, ivory, brown 8.3±0.2 25±1 0.260±0.005  It can be customized


Fiberglass PVC coated yarn is the yarn for producing fiberglass window screen, and the quality of PVC coated yarn determines the quality of fiberglass window screen. It is produced by PVC coating of fiberglass monofilament. We have 10 PVC coating production lines. The weight, tension, color, coating thickness, diameter and wire diameter uniformity of the PVC-coated yarn are important indicators.

The fiberglass strands are made of glass balls as raw materials by high temperature melting and drawing. Each fiberglass strands used for the production of window screens consists of hundreds of Monofilament composition. The advantages of fiberglass filament are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.

The fiberglass strands are coated with PVC and dozens of other materials, we have our own coating formula. Raw materials are of high purity. The glass fiber window screen produced has the correct color, no color difference, no peculiar smell, good tensile force, uniform wire diameter and good quality.

The fiberglass insect screen produced by our fiberglass PVC coated yarn has many advantages. It’s non-toxic and odorless, excellent weather resistance, fire-proof, UV resistance, high tensile strength, good light transmission performance, no color difference and other advantages.

Besides, We can adjust the color of the plastic coated yarn according to the customer's sample, and change the wire diameter and weight. Packaging is carton or carton and pallet.

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